Wait lists are based on residency rates of registered participants. Due to strict policy guidelines Residential and Returning Players will be given registration priority. All non-resident participants will be placed temporarily on a wait list prior to being assigned to a permanent roster. ESPW must ensure  residency rates are met for field allocation and usage. Please contact us with any questions or further information regarding our registration policies. We appreciate your patience and understanding.   

Your child’s success or lack of success in football does not indicate what kind of parent you are, but having a Player that is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and tries their best is a direct reflection of your parenting.

Parents / guardians are expected to support our, mission, philosophy and policies.  Failure on the part of parents/guardians to do so will result in the removal of their son/ daughter from the athletic program and their suspension from programming. We strongly encourage citizenship and acceptance within the community standards of ESPW&C.


Player’s personal character and behavior is a matter of pride for our program and community.  Players who are unable to show pride in themselves or their team in a positive way or remain loyal to this obligation will not be allowed to participate.





​​Coaches must understand that while they are in a voluntary position they are working as professionals, in a community setting. The following expectations, rules and policies included, and those established by USA Football, Pop Warner Little Scholars and Los Angeles County Pop Warner are the professional expectation of all head and assistant coaches working in the El Segundo Pop Warner Football & Cheer  Program.

​Parents can check coaches certification through USA football at: www.USAfootball.com


“Promoting youth football and cheer through El Segundo Residency”


- Great emphasis will be placed on the development of player’s personal character and behavior as part of the football program. Concepts of Commitment, Loyalty, Self-Improvement and Roles will be emphasized to ensure proper Discipline, Pride, and Mental Toughness.

 - All programming will be educational-based to ensure the scaffolding of concepts so there is a complete learning (knowing and understanding) of football concept and skill. Players will not simply be asked to engage to engage, but will have a rationale for all programming and activity.

 - Fundamental knowledge and skill (offensive, defensive concepts, strategy and associate physical movement) will be the emphasis of practice versus scheme to ensure that each player is able to operate both mentally and physically to protect themselves in football play.

 - Effort will be prioritized above all other concepts to ensure players learn a relentless pursuit and tenacity to achieve immediate and long term team goals despite personal goals/views. This will ensure they never quit in the toughest moments on the field or in their lives.